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It's an #insta give a way!! Take a photo of your wheels and tag me and #thefellersgivesback and you can win a set of my @boneswheels #instawheel. Yyyeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!

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Sierra Fellers
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beaub504_ 1361837632
beaub504_ 1361839349
beaub504_ 1361846167
Ive been looking for ur asphault pro in 7.5 or 7.75
beaub504_ 1361971110
Ok i will i was really hoping 4 the trucks because all i have is a wal mart board
_man_of_steel_04_ 1366681475
@thefellers is there a certain like techneique you need to do to powerslide or do you just push I've never been able to do it b I havnt had the right wheels so im a bit clueless lol
thefellers 1366683264
@love_pray_skate try just turning 90 and lean back and slide till u do a 180. That's the way I started.
_man_of_steel_04_ 1366683321
@thefellers ok thanks ill try when my new #HASHTAG bones wheels come in
sarah_pp20 1383464316
I love that ..but I cannot afford..
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