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Tony Hawk

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Every child has the right to smile! Please join me & Operation Smile to help change forever. In other words, watch this video: wecanchangeforever.com Please repost/retweet/rejoice

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Tony Hawk
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jacob_sarge 1362292591
gotwales 1362439055
I was born with that defect except I don't have the split lip but it is very sad those children have no money to change their smile:(
superbronycrap 1363745484
I agree! But I have to say this. GODDAMN! That's ugly! I wanna puke.
kirill_patpatian 1363955202
Но не китайцы
torig80 1364169489
@superbronycrap then keep it to yourself, that's was really rude.
superbronycrap 1364179072
Fuck you too. @arcadegamer80
torig80 1364179823
@superbronycrap Why wld you say that?
666carter666 1369001005
Righteous brother Hawk!
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