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Tim Gavin

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This is how long I've been skating and no I'm not 40 yet and if I was I wouldn't give a πŸ’© thanks to @paulsigwerth for sharing. Circa justgettingpubes Blind demo in Chicago

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Tim Gavin
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harbmccormick 1359714353
Cutest monchichi
opusfilmproductions 1359726859
@therealgav is that a Pinky and the Brain T-Shirt!!!!πŸ˜»πŸ­πŸΉπŸ’™
divisioneast 1359730213
I wish I still had that Jason lee shirt... Gabriel Rodriguez shirt is awesome too
dlakastan 1359732960
Ripper Gav
dearthshouse 1359736981
At least you still act the same @therealgav
dearskating 1359752651
Is that that shithead from SNL?!!
siggypauls 1359762120
I still have that exact #JLee shirt.
tyevans 1359770039
Skate rat!! @therealgav
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