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Kerry Getz

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Wish you wouldn't look at me like that NAPOLEON. Wish you'd get out my life and shut up.

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Kerry Getz
slwcltr 1359694796
@tristenschern hahahaha! Dude that's the part me my dad and brothers always crack up about haha "how much you wanna bet a can throw a football over demder mountains?" Haha
ewwgetoffme 1359694829
Why don't you eat a decroted piece of crap
woulda made state... no doubt. no doubt in my mind
skateswords 1359697897
hahahahaahahaah best movie!!!!
jakegranado 1359700632
parkerbrown21 1359700671
Your just jealouse napolien because I've been chatting online with babes all day
l.s.dyl 1359707108
Your mum goes to college.
quinner250 1359716212
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