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Tony Hawk

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LAX; Nov 29, 2010: first meeting to discuss Bones Brigade: An Autobiography. We hadn't all been in the same room in nearly 10 years. @mikemcgill @tommyguerrero @lancemountain @steviecab @peraltastacy (for the record, Rodney was skeptical). Photo: @atibaphoto <-- who also shot video of this entire meeting

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Tony Hawk
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kevinmcelroy 1359790197
That doc was awful. So over-dramatized, felt like I was watching soap actors play my boyhood heroes. Then you made them all CRY. WTF. Seeing Mountain and Cab cry was the biggest let-down Stacy. Those times were rad, why not just celebrate them?
meerovichegor 1359815586
#TonyHawk how are you?
mattmit 1359825365
That documentary was not aweful, it was inspirational, I'm not a skateboarder but I'm an artist and I appreciate watching people who invent and discover .
pinchepescado 1359837948
@tonyhawk Hey tony i just wanted to thank the whole bones brigade team and its staff as a whole. I watched it for the first time last night and it was amazing the emotions it brought back from my childhood, all the experiences i had skating, watching the powell peralta movies with my cousins and friends, learning all the new tricks i could, and getting pumped just skating. You've always inspired and been a beacon for skateboarding. Thank you, Brian
filmochting 1359839806
Those days!!... Excellent doc' !, camp Sweden !
capekiller 1359853617
This team shaped my life!
treesaanne 1360076550
Just watched the doc the other night. LOVED IT. And I have a secret crush on Rodney now ;)
davross1 1361015303
Bones doco was absolutely amazing...has reaffirmed my love of true soul skating!!! #bonesbrigade#inspirational#legends#gamechangers#pioneers
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