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Daewon Song

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Till death do us part my @dvsskateboarding shoes!! I love using everything I get till its last breath!! gotta be grateful for everything we get πŸ™ thanks everyone for all your support !

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Daewon Song
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enjoizero 1359676000
I love DVS Daewons so much board feel and look great and come like there already broken in
greenfishhh 1359703538
Such a skater
daewon1song 1359706606
@maxstephenslamf your absolutely right!! πŸ™πŸ‘Š thanks
daewon1song 1359706637
@enjoizero πŸ™ thanks so much my friend!!!!
burritodiablo 1360705062
Now THAT is appreciation @daewon1song thank you for showing such respect to those who, in fact, support your life as a pro. Rock on, keep us giving that motivation! #skateanddestroy
k3nt0.n 1362158858
gnarvinn 1363155011
My favorite shoe of all time! I skate the shoe down till the end!!
darriuses 1430515095
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