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Is this good or bad?!?! Cut my hand and set up a new board and just saw noticed this! @tempster_returns what are your thoughts?

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Billy Marks
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jfiggs91 1361318560
scorpio_clarice 1361933327
@billy_marks sweeeeet deck 👌
erikcazares5 1365560817
@focusedmind51 no dude skateboarding isn't a sin. A skateboarder can be a sinner but not because if skateboarding. @billy_marks dude I know this is old but there are no coincidences. I've recently turned into a Christian and I know now forsure that Jesus is real. He died for us and because of him we have a chance at heaven if we believe and follow him. John 3:16.. Please read some and pray and he will speak to you if you believe :) keep skating man you shred!
micwastie 1367080162
Why did Jesus quit playing hockey? He was sick of being nailed to the boards .
billy_marks 1367090219
@micwastie 🙌
tommytomtomrob 1369535197
You were riding that same graphic at the demo, so sick @billy_marks
srt8_brand0n 1375372113
Jesus is the BEST! ♥♥
yarostuff 1383421312
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