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Sam Smyth

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Tryin to be that 3rd best truck out. That's right @venturetrucks we comin for you! http://www.royalskateboardtruck.com store open now!

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Sam Smyth
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jaywardbartolome 1359540758
@samsklub love the honesty man! Next time I'll try some @royaltrucks, I'm using @venturetrucks now. ✌
thecookerlyboys 1365230416
Wow the new g&s titanium trucks look good
rxkevins 1366343308
The best trucks ☝🙏 @samsklub
flappyhands 1374629973
Hey @samsklub I have a pair of defective royals and on one side of the axle it is way longer than the other I have to use 6 washers for it to be normal and there brand new
samsklub 1374631572
Send em in @cwerbroski. #guaranteedIVlife
flappyhands 1374631657
@samsklub do I have to send em in even that I live in canada
samsklub 1374635614
@supradist can help you @cwerbroski
flappyhands 1374679244
I emailed them and they ignored me
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