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Where sex meets wood. Shaped, with the pain of lost love, to resemble a deck. @boarderlineadn has a small number left.

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John Rattray
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enzomnia 1360459037
I already talked to Michelle and had it on hold.. Thanks for writing back John.. gonna upload a photo of it here on IG and tag you when i get it next week.
ratt_ray 1360459878
Ah, I've sent trucks and spare wheels and some bearings to try with it too. @enzomnia_ They'll be there on Tuesday.
enzomnia 1360462565
Does Michelle know about this? I actually have a spare set of trucks and had the Predatory Bird wheels on hold too but thanks for the set up..
ratt_ray 1360465325
Ha, She doesn't but hopefully she'll find out when they get there and it'll be all good. The trucks are Thunder 145s with black baseplates to match the deck (I like that) The spare wheels are black urethane though, still cruiser softness, but just plain black samples I got. I'm not super into black wheels I like white wheels but I had these here and so I put them in the bag incase you want them @enzomnia_
enzomnia 1360467269
Thank you so much @ratt_ray! I am honored to recieve something given a from a pro like you.. I've been a huge @zeroskateboards fan since I started skating back in march '03.. again, thank you so much. Maybe i'll show this convo we have to Michelle just to make sure.
ratt_ray 1360467532
Radical. The PB is just a small art project sidemission so thanks for supporting it and @antisocialshop Now time to try to get some stuff for Cold War. @enzomnia_
enzomnia 1360467783
Yeah, i hope you guys are gonna have more projects for that in the future. The reason i chose PB coz it's the perfect shape and size that i'm looking for. Gonna use it for filming and especially for shredding the streets/park/bowl. Thanks again and have fun with the upcoming Zero video. I can't wait to watch this.. i'm sure this is gonna be way gnarly!
crailslideyoface 1361163159
@ratt_ray So sick! Keep it going!
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