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James Hardy

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booya! this might be my proudest moment ever! everyone who's a Vader fan should follow @eswic and bug your local shops to get this shirt. booya again!

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James Hardy
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igorcibulsky 1359718805
@worldsbestdad where can I get one of this?!
worldsbestdad 1359732454
@igorcibulsky these will be out in the summer so you've still got time to make sure that your local shop will get some. ;)
igorcibulsky 1359733648
@worldsbestdad oh, i wish! Unfortunately there is no eswic in russian skateshops, the only way I can get it here-on the Internet-store
worldsbestdad 1359734012
@igorcibulsky it'll definitely be on the Internet so be on the look out in July.
igorcibulsky 1359734066
@worldsbestdad thanks😊
worldsbestdad 1359734328
@igorcibulsky no problem.
djtoejamz 1360175266
I want two
blaiseghowe 1360950171
Where can i get this shirt!!!
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