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John Cardiel

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John Cardiel
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ryder987 1369974461
Member 07911💎
notlacoste 1383835798
@sieben_up @rogerskateboard
teamsano 1387052298
@billminns @bsdforever
therealdudakoff 1405837633
later_dudes 1406150488
Damn John !!!! Blatant Lofter of Jive ! @Bendpress @superlewman @themidschool @kappys_corner @therealdudakoff
spoonbeewalsh 1411528673
Peppie mays!
pretty_rad 1414298264
Flash back ! Spike and Melbend did a chain ring print of this too- no?
doomer1 1418627895
@aggromanrides @dayinthesuburbs
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