Photo from erickoston

It only dumped 3 inches of fresh pow-pow for the @nikesb/@nikeaction demo in Beijing. So not too many people showed up :(

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jsphdaniel 1360709887
vanhajimienckell 1360778914
My favourite skater.
totallyerik 1361256629
Girl needs a zamboni driver
tgangsta_17 1363312348
U the most funniest skater their is lol haha
axyzy0 1366509204
How r u going to land that?
christophorisgram 1367737414
You're, there.
faustinotheguy 1367956292
Santa clause is comin to town bitches
burrrsvce_ 1434928484
"I'm in love with the coco" hahah
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