Photo from anthony_schultz

Hey we're drunk and we've been together for a year #waitwhat #losingmoneygambling love this girl @lilmeegers

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notorious__vic 1359438607
I love this. Miss you both
dat1f00 1359438934
Happy 1 year dude! @anthony_schultz
megstachacha 1359439263
kaelincassidy 1359440074
👍 Congrats dudes :)
nsaldivar 1359441367
Congrats you two! @anthony_schultz @lilmeegers
miamaguire 1359441568
Aww! Congrats ❤
kids_in_heat 1359442946
Yo Anthony its Mikey. Come out Feb 9th to transworld. We're gonna be playing duffels 10 year party. Hope all is well and congrats!
jordanhoffart 1359468307
Yeeeeea @anthony_schultz post is killin it.
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