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I always wanted one of these as a kid. I got one and it kinda sucked. David Bailey made it look good.

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Don Brown
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sean_mo 1359553337
I'd be happy to take it off your hands if you're looking to sell?
don_brown 1359558114
I still love the look and feel and childhood memories of always wanting it @sean_mo. Are they hard to get? If I see one at good price I'll grab it for you!
natnonara 1359999190
djprawn 1360238331
I got one in a charity shop for £7 with the instruction book and its original leather case. I was chuffed !
don_brown 1360248849
Good find @djprawn !!!
lette2012 1360479532
I remember my mum having one of these! I wonder of she still has it? Great pic
don_brown 1360482751
You gonna have to hunt for it next time you go over there @lette2012 !!
lette2012 1360483035
You know that! 😉
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