Photo from eli__reed

First apartment in LA, first guest @thewavybaby

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theonewhoknows 1359406799
Oh you skate? You seen me on ya block? Congrats on the LA jumpoff!
spinstagramog 1359406843
Yeah kid!! Holla if you need anything !!
henryleutwyler 1359407695
We miss u Eli
dlakastan 1359408085
Stoner Park today @theelireed ?
eli__reed 1359408762
@henryleutwyler miss you guys too.... Hope all is well.
eli__reed 1359408788
@dlakastan I'm down town today....
jessesomera 1359409287
Fuck yeah ! What area ?
jusliv247 1360119350
Your on the eastc ok st
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