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Kerry Getz

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Go to the @berrics and watch this @colinmkennedy segment of @daewon1song battling some rough terrain around a shit ton of H2O! Enjoy!

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Kerry Getz
_hockeytemper 1359394829
Dude loves skating a wet board lol
stevahn__decay 1359395152
Water, skateboarders #1 nemesis
chuckaluffagus83 1359406634
@stevahn__decay More than cops, security guards and rolled ankles?
thetimoconnor 1359406980
That blunt on the flimsy wet metal film sculpture would've literally killed any other human on this planet had they attempted it. That fuckers ability to escape unscathed is shocking.
_theguy_ 1359407067
Just about to mention the flimsy film sculpture part! @thetimoconnor haha it's mental.
stevahn__decay 1359407753
@travisbickle83 ooooh touché
kerrygetz 1359412553
@thetimoconnor agreed Tim. I would have broke my fingers in those fucking holes that are around the outside of the metal film.
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