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Lizard King

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Again!!!!! Fuck Yeah Snow Rules !!!!!!!

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Lizard King
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wininger777 1359359254
corey_v_sheppard 1359362525
@bigbizliz punch Paul in the nuts when you see him! Peace
coltronic 1359362819
@bigbizliz that's the passion son! If you hate the snow then your passion status is on empty.
blakebreakdown 1359373515
Sick invite bro! @bigbizliz
ostinl 1359386244
Fuck snow!
wdgk 1359429837
Where is that lizard??
xvdgx 1360295775
You like the snow so much come to Minnesota haha. fuckin freezing. my boyfriend hates it cause he cant skate & then he watches all these videos of yoy skatin and it makes him want to even worse! (hes a big.fan) but oh well he's saving his money to buy a new board a lizard king board obvi. (i also bought him one of your boards for his birthday) (: @bigbizliz
kent_tobin 1365133005
Hate snow .
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