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No Sir I Don' Like It!

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Bart Jones
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jeffstevens 1359396860
@ty__evans is right you need an ace inhibitor lisinopril is the most common talk to your primary care physician
bartjones 1359418319
@jeffstevens haha is this an involuntary cry for help!? idk..but thanks. I don't have a doctor but maybe I'll go to one.
jeffstevens 1359481611
Rickthedude is right too, those machines aren't great, just make sure next time you test you haven't been drinking coffee or exercising before sit and wait a minute before measuring
photoforeman 1359780431
anttravis 1359780530
markmikes 1359804766
dblock310 1362344556
Yo you need to take care of yourself man. You need to start jogging and eating oatmeal. If you fat ass don't like jogging than just keep doing tre flips non stop for like an hour each day @bartjones
dblock310 1362344618
U need to drop that gut and start eating fruit am niggs @bartjones
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