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Shane Oneill

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Shane Oneill
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nathanthall_ 1359341105
@shanejoneill you seem like you have the best life ever just go all around the world and skate everyday
joshuaoregan 1359341744
Noice Noice @shanejoneill
shanejoneill 1359343671
@m3nathan cheers man lucky for sure and I appreciate everything I get
twitssk8snostuff 1359345945
@shanejoneill worldwidesk8boardin !!
jas0nj0nes 1359346943
American Airlines !
apostalyiptic 1359351515
Watch Nickelback instagram on YouTube. #planewing
ryanstancato 1360639788
emmanuelhahaha 1361820603
@shanejoneill hey Shane I know this is a bit weird but it's the only way I can communicate with you lol, is there anyway I can get a board from you with your signature? I will of course pay you for it if needed I'm not asking it for free, I'd love your board on my wall to complete my collection!
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