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Got dat juice mang!!

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pandrehombre 1359222615
You have nice counters
christianmorin 1359223772
Jooze mang!
paulmsg 1359227071
Hey Rick, if you're in Ottawa ever, Café My House has awesome smoothies and juices. Cilantro-mango is super popular.
stillinthewoods 1359230332
@mccranker thanks for the Hungry for change recommendation. My family and I dropped meat/dairy/processed consumption to detox and are only eating whole nutrition packed foods to flush our system for a three month period to see how it effects our health. If it works we won't fix it. I'll tag you when I post the synopsis around April. Hopefully my energy levels increase so I can shred for longer. I've already lost that initial 10 lbs so that'll help.
stillinthewoods 1359230401
@ginaemilie not if there's any kale or other greens in there. Yuck... But yum.
beone__ 1359237751
Looks. So. Good.
thegallen 1359253329
No Vegan diet, no Vegan powers.
kurtismancebo 1360302945
Looks good!
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