Photo from nicknoel

Excited to meet @steviecab !!! @cstahrs @theparkatmelb @rybocop @ryangdewitt @neco2773

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brandon.starr 1359214750
yoisthatpnutt 1359216901
I see you with the half cabs! Haha I'm skating a pair myself!
chuckbryan 1359217778
Where is Cab gonna be? @nicknoel
nicknoel 1359217824
Ramp 48 @chuckbryan
nicknoel 1359217832
@relaxitspnutt 😁
chuckbryan 1359217860
Thanks brutha! @nicknoel
mamabella325 1359222055
@nicknoel JP is heading out there right now.
nicknoel 1359222098
@mamabella325 awesome im pretty excited
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