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Stevie Williams™

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@suprafootwear squad up!! @keelandadd @boojohnson1 @kevinromar #liltunechi #statuslife

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Stevie Williams™
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connerbraun 1359578814
@justtoomuch_swag lol broke ass? I'm a welder bud, I'm making more money that you ever will, and for skater clothes, I rock them everyday, I just Rick the hip hop clothes not them wack ass skinnies and them gas ass sweaters. Bro about Stevie, I grew up watching this gut skate, he was one of my inspirations to start skating. You guys just need to wake up and realize "Swag" won't pay the bills.
basedwater 1359578979
@Connerbraun No it won't but you'll get Hella bitchs Soo if u dnt have swag u dnt Get Bitchs NUFF Said !
connerbraun 1359579129
@justtoomuch_swag a real girl will like you for who you are, not the clothes that you wear. It's clear you're one of those kids that only dress like that to get into girls pants, kill yourself girls aren't toys. Oh and another thing I don't need "bitches" because I'm a responsible father.
basedwater 1359581228
@connerbraun "Responsible Father" Nuff said .
connerbraun 1359584755
@justtoomuch_swag what're you trying to say? You're like 12, go back to playing with Furby's or whatever you do.
aaron_m3 1360035792
@justtoomuch_swag you're a tool dude shut up with ur swag shit
umadbrehhhhh 1362465203
ginaacea 1363459234
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