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#SELFIE #NIKEGOLF #TOURVANLIFE #VENEZUELASFINEST @jhonattanvegas (twitter) @jhonattanvegaspga

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kingrair 1359187064
$400 wow
theporkys 1359277394
pstonebra 1359840189
Some homies saw you and t woods together bout 3 weeks ago bahahaha nice work bowse #GETTINGTHOSEROUNDSOFPUTPUTIN
angeles661 1360038839
@erickoston am your biggest fan! I have gone skating with you in Santa Clarita high_School! Manual-pad with @prod84 & @nkalexander7 and more like Eldridge Rogers? I need your help! I what to skate the @berrics
dangelo_alonso27 1360113033
@erickoston do you ever play P Rod in S.K.A.T.E anytime soon if so when? My friends thinks he'll beat you smh
bob_rodriguez 1364936679
Miraaa con jhonattan Vegas @osza :0:0:9:0:0
osza 1364936856
@bob_rodriguez BRUTAL!
chrispbaut 1365529122
Loco, jhonattan Vegas, veneZolano, con una de las figuras más destacadas del Skate en la historia? Que desmedición!
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