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Greg Lutzka

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Good times with a good crew throwing down a fun skate sesh the other night . @davebachinsky @LilTunechi @Oc_Ramps @JMoustache #skateeverydamnday #skatelife

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Greg Lutzka
williamgarrison 1359154304
They make you look huge! Haha
jorges__gram 1359157220
That's tight!
fayzee31 1359158714
Lil Wayne can't skate. #poser.
donshepp 1359163273
louis_edward 1359165875
Lil Wayne is learning just like everyone else had to do.
haniffraymond 1359187031
@swagalldayfay he can, but not that good...i still support those who about to skate...he dropped his rap career to fully commit in skateboarding scene...he built a skatepark that surely u nor i did, he did charity and sponsor skate comp...he's a win though...you're poser
fayzee31 1359189644
You don't even know who I am, neither did you use the term " poser" in the right context. Don't come at me, you don't even know me. I've spent hours teaching young kids to skate at neighborhood parks, and promoted skateboarding before it became mainstream in the hip hop community.
worship_thebooty 1375072835
Why do you care? @fayzer90
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