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Shane Oneill

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Good times in tassie, @gghobart1 double grabbing

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Shane Oneill
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irishskateboarder8 1359160636
@shanejoneill would you ever even consider skating Ireland?
shanejoneill 1359160726
@irishskateboarder8 for sure hopefully oneday!
irishskateboarder8 1359161218
@shanejoneill awesome man! Hit Dublin up, its cool cos u can just roll non stop between spots and theres loadsa good spots. They all look cool on clips cos Dublin is like london how it looks. We never get pros over here, ever, itd b so sick man.
daveyoung15 1359212141
@monurban jajaja si me acuerdo we 😃
ahmdubstep 1359355993
@shanejoneill umm, why don't you have your own shoe yet? Lol you have been on Nike for a while and you don't have a shoe yet... Kinda makes me sad
blakkeskates98 1359449148
That park is so fun!
emsy_66 1360436253
Ha! That's fuckin rad!
peadiokeadio 1391246092
@shanejoneill you came to my home park, when will you come down again?
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