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Max Schaaf

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Postcard from mr mark gonzales. 2000. These words on this side Mlk on the other. They fill a cigar box. #thedays #mediumsize #nollie #gonz

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Max Schaaf
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teeterbuilt76 1359079851
websrock 1359261011
@4q69 I'm still riding that Real Gonz deck you gave me when we worked on that poster. I love that deck!
killer_am 1359398838
pee es I gots two teefs yanked
tyevans 1359771483
👍 @4q69
silver_bill 1360823353
@black_dot if you haven't already seen this I figured you'd appreciate it
chromegnats 1393508981
@ilovedillasdonuts great postcard from mark to Max from a while ago 💖
_jasonrose_ 1411256151
kendall_izrad 1424460664
@silasfiction so rad huh?
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