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Ryan Clements

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It was really cold in NYC today. Thanks for the #selfie and hospitality @mystaticlife. Good hanging with @porpe and @neilchester101, too.

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Ryan Clements
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ohiodave 1359004151
Make it happen @rtclem
iankorenek 1359007861
I grew up in Maine and definitely don't miss super cold weather like in the teens ! But at least ur in NYC so that makes it much more tolerable ! Eat a slice for me and stay warm ! @rtclem
bobbyboyd 1359010123
kevingraver 1359040363
Hey bud. I live right around the corner from josh
rtclem 1359066336
Hey @natetano, it's moving along nicely. Thanks for asking!
rtclem 1359066373
Didn't realize that @kevingraver. Next time...
natetano 1359066563
Awesome. Glad to hear it brotha. Blessings! @rtclem
lostfloridian 1363277410
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