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Mikey Taylor

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Trippy!!! #OZ #whodat #selfie

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Mikey Taylor
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arlohaycroft 1359015071
Ok cool, just really dont wanna miss out ! @mikey_tay1or
javi_fag 1359016457
Mikey! I had a rough night! I sprained my foot hitting a set and had to walk home and some guy gets out of a car and steals my board. I tried running after him, but my ankle was hurt so bad! I had the best set up on it. I had your Thunder Light models. I'm gonna miss them. @mikey_tay1or
mikeytaylor1 1359024880
@javi_fag dang that's awful dude... I'm sorty
mikewayz 1359029766
aws theme
javi_fag 1359037380
It does suck. I put so much money into it. Now I have nothing. @mikey_tay1or
codeanster 1359065252
That's cute
johnherrera303 1359278223
thomas_goldman 1363177930
Hey @mikeytaylor1 have you ever considered doing a vulcanized version of your shoe for the few of us who don't prefer cupsole?
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