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drhurtknees 1358975255
i eat golf, sleep golf, all i do is fucking golf
cjhebert 1358977997
bforbaker 1358978003
@instakoto its called a hobby. Skatingboarding has became a job and he needs a break from it every once in a while. Koston isn't really in his prime anymore anyways.
kyle_hemani 1358978068
I saw u, I was the one freaking out haha
corey_v_sheppard 1358979098
Why do I even read the comments! 😵🔫 stupid kids!!!
bobbydobson 1358982325
Such a good course
gforshort 1358986257
Dang... Im wondering if Koston had to caddie n play at the same time like I always do? And it was a 95 tyvm.. lol
ilikephotographs 1359012213
@erickoston Four!! ..Star!!
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