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Alright @thesalo I'm joining the club! Just finished this one and it was great (my descriptions are not going to be as thought provoking). So instead ill say it gets a 7 out of 10 because it took a while to really suck me in. Thanks @timothyward for the suggestion.

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Andrew Cannon
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banktocurb 1358944878
^ that's a typo but it's better that way
kristinbrennan 1358946761
Cats cradle and slaighterhouse!
thesalo 1358956912
Awesome! I like this use of the gram for intelligent dialogue between the selfies!
andrewcannon 1358958187
@thesalo I like it too. Have you read the Harry Potter books?
andrewcannon 1358958238
@kristinbrennan I tried slaughterhouse a couple years ago and couldn't get into it. But maybe ill give it another try in the future.
wilkinsskate 1358963177
Great book.
thesalo 1358966112
@andrewcannon666 yup i read the harry potters but starting at the third one after seeing the first 2 movies.
martinhaschinhair 1370464601
@andrewcannon666 the sirens of titan is the greatest kurt vonngeut story
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