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12 Days until Super Bowl XLVII: 12 dollars was the most expensive ticket sold to Super Bowl I. There were also $6 and $10 tickets. The most expensive tickets to Super Bowl XLVI had a face value 100 times as much, at $1200. #sb47

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katie.arrasmith2 1359503912
Packers suck! Cowboys are awesome
bobbyp22_23_24 1361248118
Packers are way better than cowboys dip thong
baseball_er101 1361829970
kashaun52 1363111208
Go packers
aj_daniel 1370302400
Go greenbay
daniellem_b 1370480070
Title town!
meadow7869 1371138515
Cowboys suck packers r boss and totally agree with u @bpballer1023 and totally disagree with u @marvelwww
katie.arrasmith2 1371190239
How do you know me?
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