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Chaz Ortiz

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Skated with these to little rippers @jaggereaton @jett_themilkproducer @kidsthatrip

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Chaz Ortiz
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azskateboarding 1358874592
not_cereal 1358985981
Did you go to Westfield community school because I think I have your literature book?
beeshauncurry 1359431420
Can u look a my sponser me vid wen I post it! Please reply ur my most favorite skater of all time @steezortiz please reply
amandapenfield 1359817337
Cool wish one of them was me haha
randy__007 1360481389
Sfl skate for life
saucedupnesto 1361937700
Bro u definitely need to come to Houston Mr and my friend @joelimon713 are big fans we should once meet up at gee and joe jamail skatepark biggest one in houston it would be so badass if we met please share me im ure biggest fan hopefelky u could cime to houston
saucedupnesto 1361937729
Me and my friend*
nickjonson7 1366343935
I met you there too you signed my watch
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