Photo from erickoston

Today's skate buddies or LA's hottest new band? @williamstrobeck @atibaphoto @theelireed @nuge666

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nuge666 1358824438
@darin_howard hahah i just rolled my ankle again today. Fuck but its not bad
darin_howard 1358826780
@nuge666 ah shit, Don. RICE. #notaracistcomment
jasonwmack 1358827250
Sick T @atibaphoto
okcyon_djokay 1358827812
one luv 💢👊💢
godsguesthouse 1358828066
young_bono 1358869480
Hootie & the no fish or hooty blows fish
rustling_jimmys 1358891960
Kick flip to blunt
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