Photo from edselego

@selegosaurus Nailed that redfish in #miaskateshop Heavenly Hat.. Proper fillet!

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juanmotoa 1358712870
Nice hat! I got it too :)
cicerodabreadwinner 1358720694
Yeah, but can he catch a stingray? @selegosaurus
wahine925 1358739875
watson_vibes 1411573330
Did he just move to st.pete? I met him like a few days ago?
edselego 1411579492
Yes he did @watson_vibes
watson_vibes 1411579614
Word, they told me to hit em up to go skate sometime cause his friend wants to try getting me on westside but i got no contact way to reach them to have a sesh haha
edselego 1411579912
Hit him on IG @selegosaurus @watson_vibes
watson_vibes 1411582419
Word thanks dude 👍
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