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Blair Alley

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Melbourne, 2009. Ill see you in another life brother.

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Blair Alley
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lord_pillage 1358629026
When and what happened to Lewis ? , man that was the hemi !!!!
stackaly 1358633653
blair.alley 1358637203
@lord_pillage don't know details yet. He passed last night
bigheinz 1358646599
So sad rip lewis you where and will always be a legend in my book πŸ™
shinybrightskies 1358654316
No way! Terrible news! Was it type one diabetes related, Blair? I discovered him when my 6 year old son was diagnosed T1D last year so he could have some one with T1D who skates to look up to. I am so saddened by this... My heart goes out to his mother and wife :-(
shinybrightskies 1358674150
I just read that he had a severe hypoglycemic reaction and didn't respond to ingested glucose. The shit my nightmares are made of and the reason i wake up 3 times a night to test my sons blood glucose. Damn. So tragic. He was such a rad skater and an inspiration for T1D kids to get out and skate. I wish he would have had a glucagon shot on hand as that might have saved his life. Too young. R.I.P.
blair.alley 1358706433
@shinybrightskies ugh. So sad πŸ˜”
adam_dot 1359239276
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