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I don't wanna believe this but... R.I.P Lewis Marnell!!! It's a sad day for skateboarding!!! Losing one of the best happiest people out!!! #riplewismarnell #riplewis #tooearly #lifesnotfair

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Ryan DeCenzo
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toni_broosevelt 1360031936
Im a noob, but I would love to skate like the
toni_broosevelt 1360032205
^This dude here one day. Buttery style, super chilled dude, my fuckin role model. Long Live Lewis Marnell #PushOn
edubbrx 1360636438
hashbeebs 1361232492
:( πŸ˜”
genesioskt 1362155975
jerrynonecktheboss 1363272185
killacam14 1366067054
@piffey is right, you could have easily done alot more to show respect for him than to post a picture of him on Instagram, I'm not hating the fact that you did because I know it was to show respect but if you really want people to look up to you than stop being a sell out @decenzzzz
bams_dada 1374787032
@killacam14 your a FUCKN idiot. The guy just lost a bro and you wanna be a clown about it. Your officially the worlds biggest FUCKN MEAT POPSICLE!!!!!!
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