Photo from anthony_schultz

This is how we do #sarasotafl #keepingitreal #boredbarlife 📷 cred @michaelfrieler

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ernietorres 1358621022
You've changed
suomi_bob 1358713055
Jeff duudbro duudbro bra! Solid
gingerarmygeneral 1359131994
@streetwalkingcheetah666 got better long board than you bro
cmohney 1359276700
deagal 1359329190
Dude I met ya in that same gear and that shitty house party
anthony_schultz 1359356046
Yeee doggie @deagal this was later that night
deagal 1359401124
Dude I barely remember that night dude that hunch punch fucked me up
anthony_schultz 1363806172
Thrift store find @jababbaba
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