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You're damn right you're on one @sniperjones35!!! #HONEYDIJONPANTSEVERYGAMEDAY #52POINTS #CONGRATS

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erickoston 1358609299
connsect 1358610935
Got the koston filter^ ^ ^
shredforjezuz 1358615080
@erickoston Kobe had a good run but his time is coming to an end
shredforjezuz 1358616538
@estolano89 I'm actually happy that he's starting to get old while the clippers are at their peak #comingfromaClippersfan
blowchriscarlton13 1358616639
I dunk on you tho @erickoston. Pick up game at the berrics, you don't want it.
butttoe 1358622323
Honey, where is my super suit?!
secretsp0t 1358657252
fuck ranch
northbowlphilly 1358869351
@mogkmogk #cobra
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