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Andrew Cannon

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Go head over to @fairmans and pick up my and @timmyknuth @worldindustries boards! Thanks for the support guys!

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Andrew Cannon
zac_votruba 1358544121
What's the 3rd one from the bottom? I can see it's your model, but what's the graphic?
ceelosfigg 1358545042
New boards are looking sick! @andrewcannon666
jim_toner 1358545416
@andrewcannon666 was checking them out yesterday! Hope you're enjoying your time home, let me know if you'll be around for a little while and want to meet up with Roger, Joey and I.
andrewcannon 1358553840
I certainly do if you guys have time. I will be here until Tuesday @jim_toner. I am going to a metal show tomorrow night but maybe Sunday morning for breakfast/brunch?
zman8484 1358581677
@fairmans do you mail order to OKC? I have been waiting for someone to get the new @andrewcannon666 crest deck. What size is it? Let me know! If no mail order. I'll make my sis drive from Cannonsburg for 2 of em!
krbecker 1358640274
Hey turd let's hang for a few min. While you're around! FB me your #! @andrewcannon666
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