Photo from erickoston

2 hippies, 1 vibe. @RealVictheBrick & @therealgav

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bryan44 1358536439
"I left my teeth on the streets of queens" Victor Jacobs
martinkendallwong 1358536768
Feeling you.
levi_v24 1358537417
Feeling You!!
b34ns 1358537621
@erickoston no #SELFIES dissapoint
corndogyakuza 1358538044
..must be headed to the hoop dojo ... #feelingyou #mwa
tron__kitty 1358539019
Fuck yeah!! I use to be his drummer in MWA. Haha! Miss that guy!!
dlakastan 1358539659
Feelin' You
dirt_steez 1358540252
Feelin' you! @vtbnation
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