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Tony Hawk

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"...you watch a plane flying across a clear blue sky. This is the day your life will surely change. This is the day when things fall into place." Lyrics: Matt Johnson sculpture: @nathansawaya

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Tony Hawk
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boyskeeezy90 1358855465
All I gotta say is that THAT takes some serious time and creativity so screw you eikoowmatgatsni you suck pee pee just like your gay hybrid civic LOL #Boyskeeezy
broganthebeast 1358910546
nanna0107 1359488677
Is it lego? NICE...<3
just_burden 1359845633
@eikoowmargatsni any True Lego builder..does Not cut..manipulate the true brick.. You should try it first..before you put it down as "true" art..my husband is has a art degree so he does and can work with any medium...but he enjoys working with Lego..and is known for that
crazytinius 1360431353
jackson_navy26 1361072159
Oh my god!!
m80_tristan 1361314629
anime131 1365433273
Those r Legos and cool
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