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Saw this of a skateboarder and my moms school today and happened to notice I knew some of the people on the bottom of it. Think it's the #DNA team Who's know the whole line up? @ronson_lambert


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anthony_schultz 1358472570
your on a roll @tcbowa
tcbowa 1358472669
True skate nerd
alchemy_mike 1358474208
nah. not on DNA. mb
ronsonlambert 1358477684
Wooah! this brings back memories G! first sponsor out of high school. Team was, Jimmy Chadwick,Micah Hollinger, Buchanan, Jamah williams, Matt milligan, maxwell, Josh Dowd, Jared b, James Atkin. And myself. @anthony_schultz
ronsonlambert 1358477743
'Jerry Fowler'
anthony_schultz 1358479238
Yeee! @ronsonlambert so sick!
micahhollinger 1358496150
@riffty50 the leader of the squad and jason maxwell
riffty50 1358496551
Maxwells stealing my pose @micahhollinger
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