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Thanks Palms

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goldiechainart 1358415843
@aquafresca one or thee other!! Right!?!
posthastekid 1358416136
If you're gonna be here past Friday Agent Orange is playing on Friday night at Favorites bar
frekleface 1358417815
Big NBA games tomorrow bud!
nuge666 1358420682
@frekleface you need me to place some bets?
threadsandfins 1358422756
Get it!
purps666 1358442201
Lakers for me! @nuge666
loudheadphones 1358444599
@nuge666 you sure you don't want to try your luck at Hooters? @davehoang
davehoang 1358447446
Can't believe @nuge666 won all that money at Hooters then took it to the Palms, got chips, and made it look like he came up at "the Palms" oooh "the Palms..." @loudheadphones! @oldirtyboosh ordered the 911's!!
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