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#project1eleven This is what I do when I get in my car, put my notebook and my wallet in the seat beside me. I was on my way home form DC when the clock struck 1:11 in this fine day. I'm thinking that maybe I need to get some 1:11am shots to liven this little project up or we're gonna get reaaaaaally bored of this and it hasn't even been a week!

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cocofrench 1362426678
@steveberra I'm staying away from those chipotle fries for awhile man. TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE from that last time!!
steveberra 1362446704
@cocofrench that was my official last outing for chipotle fries too. I'm on a program!!
cocofrench 1362447176
@steveberra oh yeah? Is it called the no more diarrhea program? Because that's what I'm on.
cocofrench 1362447193
steveberra 1362447426
@cocofrench that was probably the last image I wanted to have of you in my head. πŸ˜œπŸ”«πŸ’¨
cocofrench 1362447609
HAHAHAH! No joke I just got of urgent care for anal fissure. And now I'm here at school super uncomfortable. 😎
steveberra 1362451561
@cocofrench what in earth are you telling me sweet lady???
cocofrench 1362451675
@steveberra sorry. 😾
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