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John Rattray

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Aberdeen Beach. 2008. But what's the caption?

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John Rattray
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e_beck 1358332350
"Have you seen a grown mans testicles before, Johnny?"
pivotalconcrete 1358336365
Iiiiiii ain't got noooooo body, no body
ekasalad 1358341011
"That's what you get for stealing a Bluth banana!"
oldirtytom 1358344968
@docherb hahahahaha dude that's one I the best ones I have seen hahahahahahaha
shane_shipley 1358350750
I told you not to tell your mother I let you look at the predatory bird website!!!! Well, the fire ants should be here any minute now. @ratt_ray
tommygunz__69 1358356572
You gna listen to me next time I tell u to grab me a beer?? Next time ull be neck deep in shit. @ratt_ray
ratt_ray 1358363278
👍 @kenydrew Best one.
baldygit 1358414705
Well son, now you're fucked.
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