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Hello portland @kspr030 @nikesb

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wiegervw 1358304023
When are you going?
wiegervw 1358304032
erickoston 1358307007
#🍻 @wiegervw
bryfoto 1358308686
@wiegervw it would be so greatly appreciated if you go to a park to skate if you would be interested in taking a few photo's I would be very grateful. Or even I could show some spots. Sorry if it comes off like every other guy talking trying to "hang" but I would really like it for my portfolio.
caroline_bleeker 1358311314
Welcome to PDX!
humphriesphoto 1358311505
See you soon!
marna_antis 1358313857
nickoanscombo 1358371094
Yo wieger, follow me so I can win a bet for my mate!
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