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Hey Y'all check out emerging artist @kidadams Jan 19th @bookjobgallery in SF if you can. @kidadams I'm off to London for Price's opening on the 22nd at Paradise Row. Hope to see your show when we get home. Little that I've seen digitally looks fantastic. #sanjose #skateboarding #straitartfagwithawifeandkids

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Salman Agah
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d.payan 1358239720
@20yearweekend lets go @boyluxe
pattywarbucks 1358254336
@suezhomewrecker caption
bgreen122873 1358264066
@salman_agah too bad you won't be there on the 19th... Safe travels
kidadams 1358267744
Thanx @salman_agah have fun bud!! Me and @chet3000 are gunna have a show in SF on march 22nd maybe you can make that one!!!?
salman_agah 1358272446
@kidadams march 22 I'm gonna be in Tampa playing #skateboards with all the new young children rippers @spottampa why don't ya'll join me there and do your show the following weekend. @black_label_skates @elephantskates @chet3000 wanna play?
kidadams 1358292348
Already set Salty @salman_agah also a shoe launch party for yours truly! Go rip sucka!!!
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