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The right one is hairier but the left one looks and feels like a knee again. At the gym rehabbing. T- minus 5 months.

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Andrew Cannon
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imrich 1361840973
Acl. Im not the only skater going through this right now.
andrewcannon 1361841631
You bet @imrich how far in are you?
imrich 1361842194
Im at 6 weeks today. Walking somewhat normally physio twice a week. Still feels weird tho but its getting there! How far along r u?
andrewcannon 1361851463
It's gonna feel weird for a while @imrich. I'm three months deep right now. I've been riding my road bike and doing PT twice a week. I'm stoked on how good it feels. Its crazy. Did you get a cadaver or your own?
imrich 1361854088
Got my own hamstring. And yea i figured its gonna be awhile before it feels close to normal. Right now i cant even do any hamstring exercises and walking downstairs is a bitch. What kinds of activities have you been cleared to do? Obviously no skating but can u light jog yet or swim?
millerlightyear 1365034731
I just had surgery this past Friday @andrewcannon666. How long after surgery did you start physio? My shit is still super tender.
andrewcannon 1365035469
@seanmolaison I started about a week after. It was tender and stuff but I'm stoked that it all worked out the way it did. It feels a million times better now.
millerlightyear 1365035550
Hell yea. Did you get a cpm machine or whatever? @andrewcannon666
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