Photo from nicknoel

Thank you for inviting us @bohntommy we enjoyed the experience @fletcherskate @sleepystee @daltondern @kanaandern #skateboarding #fun #shinebrightlikeadiamond q

lakersdawn 1358127979
We saw y'all when we drove by :) lookin good :)
nicknoel 1358128613
Thanks @lakersdawn u should stop by😊
lakersdawn 1358128969
Thanks for the invite but we are already home :) keep killin it !
nicknoel 1358129134
We left hour ago @lakersdawn
seniorchild 1358129258
dude no one text me. @nicknoel ohh well.
lakersdawn 1358129270
Well the pics look like you had a good time :)
kevintimmons_ 1358732802
Both rails look perfect, i wana skate them soo bad!
nicknoel 1358732860
That's sick @kevintimmonss
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