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Jake Sykes

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when's the last time you seen someone rocking D3's?!?! πŸ˜‚

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Jake Sykes
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mexicanightmare 1358114063
@yake_yykes is that who has them?
yake_yykes 1358114119
@mexicanightmare hahah nah some random older guy
jnelsonherbert 1358131214
Fuck yeah, 2001's no less!
billy_winfield 1358131820
@yake_yykes aye did you like the tape?
yake_yykes 1358131954
@samuel_myers yeah man it was good! I liked track 10
billy_winfield 1358132101
@yake_yykes thanks man it means alot lol and that's my favorite song on the tape to. I'm working on a music video for it actually. But do think you could give it to the 8103 owner and see what he thinks about it also?
yake_yykes 1358132216
@samuel_myers yeah man for sure
billy_winfield 1358132261
@yake_yykes thanks man much appreciation
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